Selasa, 24 Januari 2012


30 hal tentang saya.
  1. Manusia
  2. Laki-laki
  3. Ciptaan Allah
  4. Lahir dari seorang ibu
  5. Born in 1995
  6. Thankfully, still have 1 mom and 1 dad
  7. Still a student, senior high school.
  8. Still has 2 arms, 2 feet also 1 head
  9. Have a lot of friends
  10. Have 1 twitter account, this account (@MilhamJ)
  11. Have 1 facebook account /virusarcane
  12. Have 1 phone, using it
  13. Live at my parent's house
  14. Previous number is my birthday date (13)
  15. Was born in Cianjur
  16. Have 1 girlfriend @reardalova
  17. An 11th grader
  18. Living, breathing, has a beating heart
  19. Started by M ended by N, my name.
  20. Oh yeah, A gamer! (This should be on top ten)
  21. Doesn't like sports, except swimming
  22. Not really good on Art
  23. Usually wake up at 04.15 in the morning
  24. Have playing computer as a hobby
  25. Loving @kaskus because of its knowledge
  26. (Missing number) Stressed by this Nation!
  27. Using ubersocial (ran out of idea)
  28. Loving Android because of its flexibility
  29. Happy to be a Sadubari (This should be on the top ten too)
  30. Relieved to finish this list

Taken from twitter account. :-V

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Senin, 23 Januari 2012

CyanogenMod Theming

This article will make your CM 7 modded Android device as cool as possible! :8


Needed Things:

How to
  1. First, flash CM 7.
  2. Then, Download & install all needed ingredients and theme. Apply..
  3. Done! Simple, isn't it?
Work on my MDPI device.
Caution! Doing any of these instruction (especially flashing CM 7) may void your warranty.
Do it at your own risk! I'm NOT responsible for any damage you made.
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